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Lauren C. Roth Venu

Founder & CEO

  • Founder, Roth Ecological Design Intl

  • Water resiliency sector leader for last 20 years, pioneering green infrastructure and innovation in water management.

  • Advisory roles for water security for the State of Hawaii and City and County of Honolulu.

Lance headshot.jpg

Lance Simangan

Senior Software Engineer

  • Full stack Developer

  • Developed and supported applications for C#, Java, Python, C++ and Perl.

  • Developed Xamarin for iOS, Android and Universal Windows Platform Environment.

  • Worked on telecommunications, aerospace and defense industry

Ashley headshot.jpg

Ashley Morrow

Project Coordinator

  • Environmental Scientist

  • Sustainability Educator

  • Data analyst


Kingi Gilbert

Software & Digital Advisor

  • Founder of Ignite Studios LLC & Ignite Studios Ltd (NZ).

  • Developer of Xbox, PlayStation, iPad applications.

  • Entrepreneur Acceleration Course with Wharton School of Business.

  • Worked at Saatchi & Saatchi.

Erin Rothman

Erin Rothman


  • Founder, Storm Sensor

Peter Yolles

Peter Yolles


  • Founder, WaterSmart

Our Leadership Team

3Rwater, Inc. is a climate technology company whose mission is to build water security and resiliency through technology. Our leadership team uses its decades of experience in the water and software development sectors to create impactful tools to address some of the most pressing issues in water management today. Follow the Drop is the first mobile application and data platform created by 3Rwater designed to support municipal green infrastructure initiatives through an easy-to-use tool to engage communities to address stormwater runoff and build resiliency.

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