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Students learn about the components of water infrastructure and differentiate the various types of water that it manages.

Lesson 4 - Water Infrastructure: Vulnerabilities and Resiliency

Examines water infrastructure vulnerabilities, impacts on supply and introduces the concept of integrated water management as a mechanism to build water resiliency.

Lesson 5 - Examining Stormwater & Sources of Pollution

Identifi­es the correlation between stormwater and pollution.

Lesson 6 - Identifying Stormwater Infrastructure

Introduces “grey” stormwater infrastructure and the connection between impervious surfaces and stormwater runoff.  

Lesson 7 - Introduction to Green Infrastructure

Introduces the concepts of green infrastructure and how it can be applied as a solution to address stormwater issues.

Lesson 8 - Introduction to the Follow the Drop App

Students learn how to use the Follow the Drop mobile application to collect stormwater infrastructure data around campus.

Lesson 9 - Follow the Drop Data Analysis

Using the data analysis tools in the Follow the Drop app and critical thinking skills, students quantify stormwater volumes and potential for stormwater runoff reduction for each of their “opportunities” and compare results.

Lesson 10 - Design Charrette

Participation in a “design charrette” with the school stakeholders to present and discuss identifi­ed opportunities.

Lesson 11 - Rain Garden Design

Students apply their acquired knowledge and outcomes from the design charrette to design their green infrastructure project.

Lesson 12 – Funding your Rain Garden

Students explore the process of writing a proposal to receive funding to support the installation of their green infrastructure project.

Follow the Drop Curriculum

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Design-Thinking

Students learn about the Design Thinking process that serves as a real-world tool meant to support professionals in defining and investigating challenges in order to arrive at solutions.  The lesson provides a step-by-step methodology that can applied to solving many different types of problems.

Lesson 2 - Water Cycle and Watersheds

Introduction to the water cycle, the watersheds and the concept of “recharge”- returning surface water to groundwater supplies.

Lesson 3 - Water Infrastructure
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