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Introducing Follow the Drop


Follow the Drop serves as a climate change adaptation tool for stormwater management. It is the first mobile application tool to engage communities to address their stormwater runoff to mitigate flooding and water quality pollution. Serving as a data collection and analysis decision tool, Follow the Drop helps to bridge the information gap between stormwater utilities, government agencies and/or flood insurance companies and their customers. Data collected is stored in our database and 3Rwater offers Data-as-a-Service to the utilities and other agencies for monitoring stormwater runoff, supporting credit and incentive programs and asset management of green infrastructure projects. 

Follow the Drop

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Follow the Drop serves as a data collection and analysis tool to identify how much stormwater a property is generating and opportunities to reduce stormwater runoff by installing green infrastructure.


3Rwater provides educational tools to build resiliency. See our Follow the Drop Curriculum.


Follow the Drop Curriculum

The Follow the Drop curriculum was created to teach students about the design-thinking process and use critical thinking skills to identify solutions to stormwater management. Developed by professionals in the field of green infrastructure, the curriculum offers real-world examples of current water issues and techniques to build resiliency. The curriculum has been designed to meet a variety of educational standards, including Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) Standards, and Common Core Math (CCSS.MATH.CONTENT). It includes lessons using the Follow the Drop mobile app and culminates with student-led green infrastructure projects to address stormwater management on campus.

The Follow the Drop Curriculum is composed of 12-Lessons and their associated worksheets.

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Follow the Drop

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