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Introducing Follow the Drop


Follow the Drop serves as a climate change adaptation tool for stormwater management. It is the first mobile application tool to empower communities to address their stormwater runoff to mitigate flooding and water quality pollution. Serving as a data collection and analysis decision tool, Follow the Drop supports stormwater agencies' incentive programs by engaging their customers to capture stormwater to save money and reduce flooding and pollution. Data collected is stored in a cloud database where 3Rwater provides data management and analytics for the utilities and other agencies for monitoring volumes of stormwater captured and the location and status of green infrastructure projects to support asset management. Follow the Drop has been used as a fee credit/rebate application process as well as a planning tool by agencies to assess green infrastructure retrofit opportunities. 

Follow the Drop

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

The Follow the Drop mobile app serves as a data collection and analysis tool to identify how much stormwater a property is generating and opportunities to reduce stormwater runoff by installing green infrastructure. The mobile app can be used for green infrastructure planning and asset management as well as a fee credit/rebate application tool for property owners to take advantage of stormwater agencies' incentive programs for reducing stormwater runoff.


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Educating the community on methods of climate adaptation is an important step to build resilient communities. The Follow the Drop mobile application supports educational outreach to the public to take action on their own properties to reduce stormwater runoff and build water security. 3Rwater also developed the Follow the Drop design-thinking curriculum to engage and empower the youth to take part in building resiliency.  See our Follow the Drop  Curriculum.


Follow the Drop Curriculum

The Follow the Drop curriculum was created to teach students about the design-thinking process and use critical thinking skills to identify solutions to stormwater management. Developed by professionals in the field of green infrastructure, the curriculum offers real-world examples of current water issues and techniques to build resiliency. The curriculum has been designed to meet a variety of educational standards, including Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) Standards, and Common Core Math (CCSS.MATH.CONTENT). It includes 13 lessons and culminates with student-led green infrastructure projects to address stormwater management on campus.

The Follow the Drop Curriculum can be used to support cities’ stormwater education programs and community engagement using the Follow the Drop mobile app. It can allow students to be engaged in the design-thinking process while also identifying opportunities to capture stormwater runoff on their campuses and in their communities.

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